Improve Customer Service With an AI Help Center

If you’re looking to improve your customer service experience, AI is one of the best ways to do it. Support teams that implement AI-powered tools can alleviate call volume, streamline workflows and improve customer satisfaction.

AI can help support teams automate ticket creation, self-service, ticket routing and use machine learning and natural language processing to improve support processes. It also pools all company knowledge into a single source for better support resolutions.

1. Automated Chatbot Inquiries

Using an AI-powered chatbot, your customers can ask any question and get an immediate response. This eliminates waiting times, which means a more positive customer experience.

If a customer has an issue that the bot can’t resolve, it can easily transfer them to a human agent. Then the agent can handle the more complex issues and make sure that the customer is happy with their service.

The best part about this is that your agents don’t have to worry about answering the same questions over and over again, so they can focus on other tasks, like qualifying leads and handling inquiries from new users.

If your AI-powered chatbot is only responding to customers with simple questions, this can help you maintain goodwill and avoid churn. Plus, a chatbot can also help you build a consistent voice and tone for your business.

2. Automated Email Responses

AI-powered chatbots can answer a wide variety of customer questions and help customers self-serve. These programs can be embedded on your website or product, or can pull resources from your knowledge base to help answer a customer’s question.

A major benefit of using AI in customer support is that it can automate many repetitive tasks, saves time, and helps reduce operating costs significantly. Ultimately, AI improves your customer service team’s efficiency and leads to improved customer satisfaction.

In addition to automating chatbot inquiries, AI can also be used to streamline email responses. This can be done by classifying emails and creating workflows to automatically respond or send to a Google sheet based on the categories that you select.

Streamlining the process of email support with AI can save you valuable time, increase efficiency, and help you keep your customers happy. With AI, you can deliver exceptional service on the number one support channel and resolve high volumes of tickets.

3. Automated Ticket Routing

Routing tickets is how they move through the help desk workflow, from a customer’s first contact with your team to their final resolution. A simple misroute can cause confusion among agents and ultimately degrade customer satisfaction.

To prevent this from happening, it is best to use automation tools that can handle the task at scale. Automated ticket routing enables a smooth process from the time a request is raised to the agent who will resolve it.

Ticket routing also allows you to assign requests to the right agent or team, based on service level and other criteria, for more effective and efficient help. This ensures that your support team is served conversations they can solve, every time.

Admins can set up rules to route requests based on request type, channel and conversation priority. They can also create scalable routing models to make sure all tickets are navigated effectively, so that each request has the best chance of reaching its intended recipient.

4. Automated Knowledge Base Creation

An AI-powered knowledge base is a lean and smart way to scale customer support. It minimizes staffing costs, improves CX and boosts ROIs.

A centralized knowledge repository is essential to delivering the right information to your customers, employees and partners whenever they need it. In today’s information-rich environment, a well-organized knowledge base can deliver the right answer to any query in just seconds, minimizing time spent on low-complexity support issues and providing more time to address complex matters that require human intervention.

Unified information across teams is another key area that an AI-powered knowledge base excels at. Many companies operate with multiple siloed teams, each with its own goals, management, systems and ways of handling data.

With an AI-powered knowledge base, all connected information is unified into a single repository, ensuring agents have direct access to the information they need at all times. This unifies the customer experience and eliminates agents’ need to pass customers from team to team when a question is out of their domain.