Best Places to Visit in Yelm Washington

Yelm is a small city in Thurston County, Washington. The population is estimated to be 10,617 at the 2020 census. As of 2001, it was the 10th fastest-growing city in Washington state. Located near Seattle, Yelm offers a number of outdoor activities.

Deschutes Falls Park

Deschutes Falls Park is a 155-acre park in Yelm Washington that is open to the public. Once a private homestead, this park opened in 1902. Visitors can enjoy the waterfalls in a natural setting and swim in a natural swimming pool. The park also offers hiking, backcountry skiing, and snowshoeing trails. Deschutes Falls Park is easily accessible from Yelm, Rainier, and Olympia.

Another popular place to visit in Yelm is the Pioneer Farm Museum. Located less than 30 minutes from downtown Yelm, this museum offers tours and hands-on activities. If you’d rather stay in Yelm, you can enjoy a movie at the comfortable Yelm Cinemas. You can also bowl at Prairie Lanes, an 8-lane bowling alley located downtown. It has leagues and fundraisers, and it’s a great place for parties.

You can also take a short walk down to the base of the falls. There are trails down to the bottom of the falls that lead to a picnic area. You can also purchase picnic supplies at the local farmers market. In addition, the Yelm Food Co-op sells picnic supplies.

A short trail leads to additional viewing areas along the river. A slightly steep, mulched trail bypasses the bridge and the worst of the mud. From here, you can walk down to the river for partial views of the falls.

The park is closed at dusk, and is open to the public during the day. However, you should be aware of the dangers of the rocks near the falls. The park is not yet open to overnight camping, so please take this precaution when you visit. You will be fined if you trespass.

A trail that leads to the falls is a must for families with children. The hike involves stairs and switchbacks, but is doable with kids. At the end, you will be rewarded with views of the river, foothills, and valley. Be sure to keep your dog leashed, as well.

A 15-acre park near the historic district boasts beautiful waterfalls of the Deschutes River. A trail takes you on a loop from the first falls, near the old brewery, to the final ones that flow into Capitol Lake. The trail is shaded by towering boulders. The trail also passes a bridge that is perfect for pictures with the falls in the background.

Cochrane Memorial Park

If you’re looking for an enjoyable day out in Yelm, Washington, you can’t go wrong with Cochrane Memorial Park. This public park features a catch and release fishing pond, walking trails, and an educational interpretive center. Plus, the park also incorporates water reclamation. Using reclaimed water for the park’s water supply helps to reduce pollution in the Nisqually River. It also protects salmon resources.

If you’re planning to visit Cochrane Memorial Park, you’ll need to plan ahead. The city council will vote on the contract for the park on Feb. 23, and contractors will begin work on the front half of the park in the next two weeks. They’ll add landscaping and make improvements to one of the park’s ponds. They’ll also install new restrooms, complete with exterior security cameras and lighting. The second phase of the park’s improvements will be more subtle.

One of the best things about Yelm is its small-town feel. Its low crime rate and affordable real estate make it a great place for families and professionals. The city has a total population of approximately 8,400 people. Though it’s not the largest city in Washington, Yelm offers a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that’s suitable for both families and singles.

Yelm is a thriving city in Thurston County, Washington. It started as a pioneer town and flourished because of its close proximity to the Puget Sound. The city’s name means “heat waves from the sun.” With a growing local economy and friendly residents, Yelm is a great place to live.

If you’re looking for a place to live in Yelm, Washington, you should consider renting a home. Its median home value is $220,000, which is relatively affordable. Renters typically spend $1362 per month. The city’s property taxes are mid-tier, which means that most families spend between $2,000-$3,000 per year on property taxes.

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Northwest Trek is a 715-acre wildlife park near Eatonville. Guests can ride a naturalist-guided tram through the park, or walk the trails to observe the animals. There are bears, wolves, lynx, bobcats, and other animals living on the park’s property. The park also offers a nature theater, gift shop, and restaurant.

The park is home to more than 40 species of animals and provides a glimpse of the natural habitats of many of them. Visitors can take tram tours, walk the trails, and even zipline. They can also visit the nearby Billy Frank Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, a delta that supports a number of wildlife species.

Billy Frank Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

There are many things to do in Yelm, Washington. This scenic city is centrally located near the Mount Rainier National Park, a popular summer and winter destination. From hiking trails to snowshoeing, this area offers a variety of activities.

During migration season, this refuge is home to more than two hundred different species of birds. These include song birds, eagles, falcons, and more. The refuge is also a wintering spot for resident birds. There are over 250 bird species recorded here, as well as 95 different types of fish. The refuge also has seven species of amphibians and 60 different species of insects.

The Refuge is easy to reach from Interstate 5, just take exit 114. Once there, take the boardwalk down to the Big Bend and you’ll see more than 300 species of wildlife. Bicycles and jogging are not allowed here. However, the refuge does offer educational programs for schoolchildren.

This national wildlife refuge is an ideal place for nature lovers and anglers alike. It is a great place to view salmon, trout, chars, and grayling. Many of these animals migrate from the ocean and return to freshwater streams.

This National Wildlife Refuge is open to the public during the morning and afternoon. There are observation platforms, blinds, and benches for bird watching. While the Refuge is closed during hunting season, most of the trail is open year-round.

Nearby attractions include Fort Lewis Museum and Joint Base Lewis-McChord. These attractions are only a few minutes away from Yelm. You can also watch movies at Yelm Cinemas, which is considered the best movie theater in Washington. There is also a bowling alley in downtown Yelm, Prairie Lanes. This is a great place for birthdays, fundraisers, and other events.